Why the future of advertising is 3D.

Advertising is crucial for companies who want to grow their business and increase their brand awareness, sales and customers. As a result, we see thousands of adverts each day, across various channels. According to PPC Protect, the average person (in 2021), was exposed to 6000-10000 ads every single day. 

Due to the increasing number of adverts we´re seeing, people are losing their attention with standard, traditional advertising methods, therefore, it's essential to keep your audience's attention in new captivating ways. 

3D advertising is changing the traditional advertising approach, as brands discover new ways to innovate and engage with their audiences by creating memorable, relevant and valuable content.

Here are some reasons why your brand should use 3D advertising-

  • Easy to implement - 3D billboards are an easy advertising method, as the anamorphic screens are already set up and located in busy areas of global cities (such as Times Square in New York or Piccadilly Circus in London). All you need to do is create an engaging campaign that guarantees to capture attention and headlines with BCN Visuals. We even recommend some of our top OOH locations, in our video here.
  • 3D adverts coming to social media -With the announcement of Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and Twitter implementing 3D adverts in the near future, it's imperative that your brand keeps up this revolutionary way of advertising and engages with your audience in new innovative social ways. 
  • Increased engagement- Increase your brands engagement and awareness with 3D adverts and billboards. Ensure your campaign and messaging stands out from your competitors with new engaging and exciting content that can be shared and talked about, months after the campaign has ended.  
  • Increase your brands conversion rate- 3D adverts help to showcase your brand´s products and services in a more in-depth way. This helps customers make smarter buying decisions, resulting in increased customer loyalty and repeat custom. 
  • Increased resonance, brand awareness and website traffic- One of the many advantages to 3D advertising is impacting a viewers strong emotional connection, with immersive thrilling graphics. Viewers who have an empathic moment, will be driven to find out more about the campaign on a brands´website, resulting in increased web traffic and brand awareness. 
You can view our award-winning 3D adverts for global brands on our YouTube channel here.

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