Street Furniture and Programmatic as a Storytelling Medium

By: Davide Bianca, Chief Creative Officer

UnchartedTerritory: Rethinking Street Furniture and High-Frequency Formats

In the fast-paced realm of DigitalOut-Of-Home (DOOH) marketing, innovation is the name of the game. As advertisers, we are constantly on the lookout for novel and meaningful ways to captivate our audience amidst the urban landscape. Yet, amidst the ever-evolving technology landscape, two key areas have seen surprisingly little innovation:street furniture and high-frequency formats, coupled with programmatic advertising.

High-frequency formats are advertising spaces that enjoy maximum visibility due to their strategic locations and high foot traffic. Despite their prime positioning, the potential for storytelling and engagement in these spaces remains largely untapped.


UnlockingPotential: The Dynamic Duo

We see a vast opportunity lying dormant within the dynamic realm of programmatic advertising, especially with street-level inventory. Imagine this: 3D anamorphic content dynamically displayed on screens strategically positioned throughout the cityscape. Picture content that seemingly jumps out of the screen, enticing passersby to interact via geofencing or QR scans to unlock exclusive content or even participate in prize giveaways. With the integration of the webAR layer interactivity becomes possible providing agency to the end-user, the engagement transcends physical boundaries, allowing people to participate from multiple locations while tracking progress in real-time on a dedicated microsite.

TechMeets Tale: Elevating Engagement Through Integration

The key lies in ensuring that technology serves the narrative rather than imposing limitations. By seamlessly integrating technology into the storytelling process, we can elevate the customer experience to unprecedented levels of engagement and immersion.

Imagine transforming static kiosks into portals to otherworldly adventures, inviting passersby to step into realms beyond imagination. All it takes is a dash of creativity and a willingness to think outside the box to bring these immersive experiences to life.

RethinkingPossibilities: Partnerships for Memorable Narratives

At BCN Visuals we are thrilled to embark on this journey with leading brands and agency partners. Together, we aim to craft memorable stories that fully leverage the power of this underrated medium. With street furniture and programmatic advertising as our canvas, the possibilities are truly endless, and we can't wait to craft and share the stories that unfold.


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