Metaverse announces 3D advertising plan for Social Media.

As user engagement grows online, 3D & AR advertising is set to expand into social media platforms. It was recently announced that 3D adverts will be available on Twitter, & Meta´s Facebook and Instagram feeds. With the declining growth of traditional advertising, Meta is hoping to transform the social media and advertising space with new services and ways to attract audiences.

Brands will be able to use their social media pages to showcase 3D models of their products or branding and convert them into pioneering social media adverts. 

This innovative new service will be provided through VNTANA- a 3D modelling provider. This integration will allow any brand to engage and have interaction with their audiences, showcase their products with in depth product information & inspire new consumers to purchase their products.

At BCN Visuals, we´re delighted with this new innovative advertising approach and can only predict the popularity and successful launch of this new service. We´ve been creating 3D adverts, 3D Billboards and 3D social media posts, for global brands for some time now and have seen great success with audience engagement and increased ROI. 

To find out how we can help elevate your brands´messaging, please visit our YouTube channel to see our campaigns in action.

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