BCN Visuals Welcomes Lauren Loftus: The New Head of Studio

BCN Visuals is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our executive management team: Lauren Loftus, stepping in as our new Head of Studio! With a sterling industry background and a wealth of experience, Lauren is all set to infuse a fresh perspective and propel our success to unprecedented heights.

Meet Lauren Loftus: A Visionary with Vast Industry Experience

Lauren brings over 20 years of versatile experience in Visual Effects (VFX), Production, and Post Production, making her an irreplaceable asset to our team. Having collaborated with renowned directors and generated diverse campaigns, she has solidified her position as an industry leader.

In her most recent role, based in Amsterdam, Lauren helmed large global campaigns, managed the local studio, and directed global sales teams. Her extensive career includes significant contributions to numerous full 3D films and production of over 10 Super Bowl campaigns.

Lauren Loftus Joins BCN Visuals: An Exciting Addition to the Team

We warmly welcome Lauren Loftus as our new Head of Studio. Her expertise and insights are bound to have a significant impact on our team and the overall growth of the company. We are keen to work closely with her and are excited to see the innovative ideas she will introduce to BCN Visuals.

Envisioning Future Success with Lauren Loftus

With Lauren on board, our team is set to continue driving our success forward. By merging our passion for anamorphic 3D technology and out-of-home billboard advertising with Lauren's extensive experience, we are confident that BCN Visuals will continue to create award-winning campaigns and forge productive partnerships.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from BCN Visuals, and make sure to follow us on our social media channels for the latest news!

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