BCN Visuals on FORBES September Cover

Pioneers in 3D Billboards

BCN Visuals, the groundbreaking company of Eric Sas and Alan Company, has disrupted the advertising industry with their advertisements that use 3D movie visual effects. They met at the University of Barcelona, but it was in London where they decided to embark on a joint venture. In less than a year, their revolutionary 3D billboard ads have shaken the industry, achieving a success they didn't expect for at least a decade. They now have a presence in Barcelona, New York, London, and worldwide demonstrating their rapid expansion and growth.

Anamorphosis: The Key to Their Impact

BCN Visuals has earned the trust of major corporations such as Disney, Volkswagen, Vodafone, and Warner Bros, all part of their impressive client portfolio. Each project they create is an invitation to other large companies seeking impactful and viral campaigns. BCN Visuals has been a pioneer in creating 3D ads on billboards worldwide, employing the anamorphic technique and collaborating with giants such as Volkswagen and Amazon Prime Video. Their aim is always to create a convincing visual illusion that provides an immersive experience, encouraging viewers to share it on their social networks.

Recognition and Anamorphic Visions of the Future

The innovative work of BCN Visuals has received significant recognition, including the Gold for Best Outdoor Advertising in Europe for their campaign for The Walt Disney Company. But these awards hold a deeper meaning for the founders, such as the tribute to a father lost during the production process. Despite the overwhelming amount of current work, Sas and Company have a clear vision of a promising future. For them, what has been seen so far is only a preview of what they are capable of developing in the audiovisual sector, both creatively and technologically, especially in the field of 3D billboards and anamorphic techniques. Undoubtedly, BCN Visuals will continue to dazzle in the coming years.

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