3D Ads and its Success in Video Game Marketing

The Impact of 3D Advertising and Brand Awareness

In the ever-evolving landscape of video game marketing, a renowned video game brand has set a new standard with its innovative advertising campaigns. Recent studies have highlighted the considerable impact of these campaigns on brand awareness and customer engagement. Notably, over 50% of the audience engaged with this brand's 3D ads, demonstrating a high level of interest and interaction.

3D Ads: A Game-Changer

A key element in its advertising success is the use of 3D ads. These were not only considered “entertaining”, “high quality”, and “cool” by nearly everyone exposed to them, but they also were more likely to be considered “premium”. The innovative use of 3D technology in advertising has set the brand apart, offering a unique and engaging experience for viewers.

High Awareness of Flagship Titles

A striking example of this success is evident in the brand awareness of their flagship titles. An impressive 75% of the audience was aware of these major games, reflecting the significant reach and impact of the chosen promotional strategies​​.

Enhanced Brand Perception and Opinion through Engaging OOH Billboards

Moreover, their advertising efforts have positively influenced the perception of the brand. The 3D ads, appreciated for their visual appeal, have led two-thirds (approximately 66%) of viewers to have a more favorable view of the brand. This substantial shift in perception illustrates the campaign’s effectiveness in enhancing brand perception.

The impact of 3D billboards goes beyond just awareness and likeability. Among those who recognized the in-market advertisements, an overwhelming nine out of ten (90%) rated the brand positively. This high-level brand opinion evidences its marketing effectiveness in creating a strong, positive image among its target audience.

Increased Consideration and Purchase Intent

The success of 3D ads as part of its marketing campaign is further underscored by the consideration and purchase intent among its audience. Over half of those exposed to the ads were very likely to consider the brand when shopping for a video game console. 

A significant nine out of ten (90%) ad recognizers were likely to purchase a product from the brand, with nearly two-thirds (66%) being very likely. This level of purchase intent highlights its ability to convert awareness and positive perception into actual sales potential.

Viral Sharing and Social Engagement

The appeal of the brand's advertising extends to social engagement as well. Over half (55%) of the audience was likely to record or film a 3D ad, with a high likelihood of sharing these with friends via social media. This behavior is a content creation success that resonates with its audience to the extent that they are motivated to share it within their networks, further amplifying reach and impact.


In summary, the success of the brand's 3D advertising campaigns is a clear testament to the power of innovative and engaging ads in the modern market. These campaigns have effectively increased awareness of the brand's flagship titles and positively influenced consumer perceptions. The significant levels of audience engagement, indicated by the high percentage of those inclined to record, film, and share the 3D ads, demonstrate the compelling nature of this advertising approach. The high rates of consideration and purchase intent among the audience further illustrate the effectiveness of these ads in converting interest into tangible sales potential. Ultimately, the remarkable impact of these 3D advertising campaigns underscores the importance of creative and immersive marketing strategies in capturing and retaining consumer attention in the highly competitive video game industry.

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